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    If Breguet holds a special place in our cultural heritage, it is because its founder, A.-L. Breguet (1747-1823), set the standard by which all fine watchmaking has since been judged. Today, his heirs at Breguet still make each watch as a model of supreme horological art.
    A.-L. Breguet was born in Neuchâtel, but it was in Paris that he spent most of his productive life. No aspect of watchmaking escaped his study, and his inventions were as fundamental to horology as they were varied.

    His career started with a series of breakthroughs: the development of the successful self-winding perpétuelle watches, the introduction of the gongs for repeating watches and the first shock-protection for balance pivots.

    Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie-Antoinette, were early enthusiasts of Breguet’s watchmaking. Each watch from his workshops demonstrated the latest horological improvements in an original movement, mostly fitted with lever or ruby-cylinder escapements that he perfected.
    A.-L. Breguet took refuge in Switzerland from the excesses of the French Revolution. He returned to Paris overflowing with the ideas that produced the Breguet balance-spring, his first carriage clock (sold to Bonaparte), the sympathique clock and its dependent watch, the tact watch, and finally the tourbillon, patented in 1801.

    Breguet became the indispensable watchmaker to the scientific, military, financial and diplomatic elites of the age. His timepieces ruled the courts of Europe. For his most celebrated clients, Breguet designed exceptional timepieces. For Caroline Murat, queen of Naples, he conceived in 1810 the world’s very first wristwatch. Honours saluted his enormous contribution to horology. Appointed to the Board of Longitude and as chronometer-maker to the navy, he entered the Academy of Sciences and received the Legion of Honour from the hands of Louis XVIII.

    When he died in 1823, all mourned the architect of the greatest revolution in the science and art of time-keeping.

    Today more than ever, its capacity to innovate reflects a brand’s vitality. Breguet’s own creative powers and ingenuity have certainly not declined over time. Driven by Nicolas G. Hayek, they have indeed been amplified, resulting in Breguet filing in eight short years, a number of patent applications exceeding that of its founder’s own inventions.

  • Tradition

    7037BA/11/9V6 – 7047BA/11/9ZU – 7027BB/11/9V6 – 7027BR/R9/9V6 – 7027BB/G9/9V6 – 7027BA/11/9V6 – 7047PT/11/9ZU – 7057BB/11/9W6 – 7057BR/R9/9W6 – 7057BB/G9/9W6 – 7047BR/G9/9ZU – 7067BR/G1/9W6


    5930BA/12/986, 5157BA/11/9V6, 5907BA/12/984, 7717BA/1E/986, 3137BA/11/986, 5920BA/15/984, 5140BB/12/9W6, 5140BA/29/9W6, 5207BA/12/9V6, 5238BB/10/9V6 DD00, 5707BA/12/9V6, 8067BA/52/964, 8068BB/52/964 DD00, 5947BA/12/9V6, 5187BR/15/986, 5327BA/1E/9V6, 5197BA/15/986, 7337BA/1E/9V6, 5177BA/29/9V6, 5177BA/12/9V6, 5247BR/29/9V6, 7137BA/11/9V6, 5717BR/US/9ZU, 7787BR/12/9V6, 5967BA/11/9W6, 7787BR/29/9V6, 8788BR/29/986 DD00, 5177BR/12/9V6, 5178BR/29/9V6 D000, 7800BA/11/9YV, 7727BR/12/9WU, 5287BR/12/9ZU, 7800BRAA9YV02, 5277BR/12/9V6, 9068BB/12/976 DD00

    Classique Complications

    1907BA/12, 5357PT/12/9V6, 5317BA/12/9V6, 5335BR/42/9W6, 3477BA/1E/986, 3657BA/12/9V6, 3757BA/1E/9V6, 5347PT/11/9ZU, 3355/PT/00 986, 3357BR/12/986, 5357BA/1B/9V6, 5359BB/6B/9V6 DD0D, 1801BR/12/2W6, 3358BB/52/986 DD00, 5307BA/12/9V6, 3755PR/1E/9V6, 5347BR/11/9ZU, 7637BB/12/9ZU, 1808BR/92/9W6 DD00, 5447BR/1E/9V6, 7639BB/6D/9XV DDOD, 5349PT/11/9ZU DDOD, 5349PT/11/9ZU DDOD, 3358BB/2P/986 DD0D, 5377BR/12/9WU, 5377PT/12/9WU, 3797BR/1E/9WU


    3700BA/12/9V6, 3700BB/12/BV0, 5817ST/Y2/5V8, 5829BB/8S/9ZU DD0D, 5817BA/12/9V8, 5817ST/12/5V8, 5827BB/12/9Z8, 8818BB/59/564 DD00, 5817BE/Z2/5V8, 5817BR/Z2/5V8, 5847BR/Z2/5ZV, 5827BR/Z2/5ZU, 817ST/92/5V8, 8828BR/5D/586 DD00, 5837BR/92/5ZU, 5847BB/12/BZ0, 8827BR/52/586, 5837PT/U2/5ZU, 5839BB/6D/9ZU DDOD, 5857BR/Z2/5ZU, 5827BB/12/BM0, 8827ST/59/586, 8827ST/5W/986


    5460BA/12/996, 8670BA/12/964, 8670BA/12/AB0, 8671BA/11/964 DD00, 8671BB/61/BB0 DD00, 5461BB/12/996 DD00, 5469BB/62/996 DD0D, 5480BB/12/996, 3661BB/12/984 DD00, 5497PT/12/9V6, 5400BB/12/9V6, 8860BR/11/386

    Type XX / Type XXI

    3810BR/92/9ZU, 3800ST/92/9W6, 3800ST/92/SW9, 3820ST/H2/9W6, 3820ST/H2/SW9, 3820TI/K2/TW9, 4820ST/D2/S76, 4821ST/59/S76 D000, 3810ST/92/9ZU, 3880ST/H2/3XV, 3803ST/92/3W6, 3810TI/H2/3ZU, 3880BR/Z2/9XV, 3880BR/Z2/RXV

    Reine De Naples

    8928BB/8D/844 DD0D, 8939BB/6D/J49 DD0D, 8939BB/6D/864 DD0D, 8908BA/52/864 D00D, 8908BB/V2/864 D00D, 8909BB/VD/J29 DDD0, 8918BB/58/864 D00D, 8908BB/52/864 D00D, 8928BB/58/844 DD0D, 8929ZB/5D/844 DD0D, 8928BA/51/J20 DD00, 8958BB/51/974 D00D, 8978BB/58/974 D00D, 8967ST/58/986, 8918BR/58/864 D00D, 8908BB/5T/J70 D0DD, 8928BR/51/844 DD0D, 8928BB/51/J60 DD0D, 8998BB/11/874 D00D, 8999BB/8D/874 DD0D, 8968BR/X1/986 0D0D

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